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Complete Pro Makeup Artist Certificate Pro

Course Fees Course Level Course Duration Course Date
145000 INR (Applicable Taxes Extra) Beginners – Advanced 9 Weeks - Total 135 Hours Complete Professional Training. Plus FREE Courses Listed Below Call 9820578193

All students at OSM are provided with a full, professional make-up kit for the training purpose which is included in the prices for our courses.

All Students at OSM will be provided with a Free 29 Pc Imported Professional Branded Brush Kit worth Rs.29000/-

Make-up artist course run three days a week from 12.00pm to 5.00pm

Includes THREE Studio Based Photo Shoots With THREE Professional Models And Photographer For Each Student, To Build A Professional Portfolio And Start Your Business.

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Makeup Artist Training In Mumbai
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Professional Makeup Artist Courses In Mumbai 
Get Makeup Artist Training In Mumbai From Experts at OSM
Complete Profesional Makeup Artist Course
Learn Natural Makeup At OSM

Course Outline

  • Theoretical Study Of Face Shapes
  • Analysis With Practical Application Application And Blending Techniques
  • Highlighting And Shading
  • Brow Shaping/Trimming
  • Product Knowledge
  • Concealing/ Blending
  • Natural Makeup (close-up and long shot) For Black And White And Colour Photography
  • ULTRA HI DEFINITION Makeup Techniques
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Asian Bridal Makeup
  • Arabic Bridal Makeup
  • Catholic Bridal Makeup
  • North Indian Bridal Makeup
  • False Eyelashes (Natural Fashion Zoom Glamour Fantasy)
  • Lip Correction
  • Fashion/ Catwalk Makeup
  • Fantasy Makeup
  • Bronze Fashion Makeup
  • Bronze Body Makeup
  • Evening/Dramatic And Glamorous Makeup (close-up and long shot)
  • Fashion Shows
  • Stills Photographic Makeup (colour and black & white)
  • Fashion and Beauty Period Make-Up, 1920 – 1970, as well as with emphasis on the latest trends
  • Makeup For Men, Actors And Models
  • Application And Blending Techniques For High Definition Media
  • Creative Make-Up Pop And Promotional Video
  • Properly Create A Graph For Different Shades Of Flesh Tone
  • Copy A Photograph Of A Face Using Modern Techniques.
  • Adjust Light Source In Accordance With Sculptural Light For The Make-Up Artist
  • Draw An Actor Using Overlay Techniques And Change Elements To Fit Design Needs
  • Editorial Makeup
  • High Definition Airbrush Makeup
  • Airbrush Bridal Makeup (Airbrush Syllabus defined below)
  • Airbrush Fashion Makeup
  • Airbrush Body Tan Makeup
  • Airbrush Face Painting
  • Temporary Tattoo Making
  • Corrective/Camouflage Makeup
  • Light Theory
  • Industry Standards
  • Call Sheets And How To Understand Them
  • Script Research, Including Breaking Down A Script
  • Lectures On Lighting, Industry Procedures And Preparation For Assignments
  • Continuity Makeup
  • On Set Makeup Etiquette
  • Attending Real Shoots And Work On Real Actors In Studio

In our studio you will use the highest quality of equipment required to achieve flawless Airbrush Makeup.

Students will have the opportunity to work with one of the makeup industries most advanced Airbrush systems and the highest quality makeup brands.

You will achieve the most natural looking and most flawless finish with the patented technology and pro based formula.

The flawless finish we achieve in TV advertisement, Magazines and on Movie stars.

Plus it is fast and easy, long wearing and the tools are completely hygienic.

  • Introduction to Airbrushing
  • Equipment: Types of Airbrush guns, Types of compressors.
  • Using you Airbrush ( Assemble and Disassembling you Airbrush gun)
  • Troubleshooting (Dealing with common problems)
  • Health and Safety standards
  • Product knowledge: Types of Makeup Formulas
  • Understanding Pressure (PSI)
  • Airbrush Control: Distance - PSI - Movement Control - Co-ordination In class exercise
  • Control your Airbrush pressure directly for the point and shoot
  • Working with Air Particles
  • Bubble techniques
  • Prepping the skin for Makeup Application
  • Concealing with your Airbrush
  • Applying a sheer flawless foundation
  • Cleaning your equipment
  • Colour Mixing
  • Working with different S/B pallets and using Adjusters
  • Combining Conventional Makeup techniques with your Airbrush Makeup
  • Working in layers
  • Creating a dewy base
  • Sculpting the face with Airbrush
  • Creating different eye makeup looks with Airbrush
  • Applying blusher with Airbrush
  • Working with stencils and formula to shape and reshape Eyebrows
  • Creating Bridal Look with Airbrush
  • Creating Dramatic look with Airbrush
  • Using Airbrush creatively for face paint
  • Working with Masks and templates
  • Working with bold colours and enhancing bone structure features to create Editorial, Fashion Forward and Creative Makeup looks
  • Creating Temporary tattoos
  • Working with transfers
  • Cleaning the airbrush gun after working with thick colours
  • Marketing yourself as a freelance Makeup artist.

OSM Places A Heavy Emphasis On:

  • ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION Products & Techniques
  • Professional And Luxury Product Knowledge
  • Storytelling Creation For Videos
  • Makeup For Daytime & Evening TV
  • Set Etiquette Training
  • Role Playing: TV & Music Video Clients
  • How To Pull Inspirations & More
  • Introduction To Period Makeup
  • History Of The Decades
  • 1920s to 2000s Lip & Eyebrow Applications
  • Contouring – Face & Eye Shapes
  • Retro/Pinup Makeup
  • Period Influences & Styles & More
  • Editorial & Fashion Shoot Makeup
  • Trend Forecasting From The Runway
  • Professional Bridal Makeup And Understanding Clients
  • Guidelines For Prepping For Shoots
  • Understanding Hair & Fashion Styling
  • Airbrush Makeup skills
  • Marketing Yourself for Fashion Industry & more!
  • History & Hygiene
  • Colour Theory
  • Fashion Makeup
  • Day & Evening Makeup
  • Brushes & Setup
  • TV/ Video Makeup
  • Mature & Male Makeup
  • Business, Branding, Marketing

Free Courses Offered Only By OSM


Worth Rs.75000/-

You will learn all the important SFX Makeup techniques used in Movies and Television

  • Blad Cap Application
  • Silicone And Latex Appliances
  • Creating Realistic Wounds
  • Creating Lasting Cuts And Gashes
  • Blood Spray And Natural Flow
  • Creating Realistic Old Age Makeup
  • Ultra Realistic Burns
  • 1st Degree Burn
  • 2nd Degree Burn
  • 3rd Degree Burn
  • Frozen Body Parts
  • Animal Attack Makeup
  • Dirt Makeup
  • Sweat Makeup
  • Many More Real Effects

To Make You A All Round Successful Makeup Artist In The Film Industry.


Worth Rs.55000/-

Come Explore The NEW WORLD OF OSM MAKEUP, We Are Happy To Share Our Exclusive Talent With You All.

We Have 15 Years Body Painting Experience In TV ads, Movies, Shows, Exhibitions And Other Prestigious Events Around The World.


Worth Rs.35000/-

Come Explore The NEW WORLD OF OSM MAKEUP, We Are Happy To Share Our Exclusive Talent With You All

We Have 15 Years Face Painting Experience In TV Commercials, Movies, Shows, Exhibitions And Other Prestigious Events Around The World.


Worth Rs.10000/-

This course includes a FREE 29 Pc Imported Professional Branded Brush Kit

Worth Rs.29000/-

No previous experience required

Casual dress code

A good Level of English / Hindi is required.

You will practice with a class-mate therefore you must be willing to have makeup applied on you as well as applying it to others.

Before/After Photographs of the makeup will be required from all students.

The minimum age for entry to this course is 18 years

There is no upper age limit.

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